Water Bores

Underdale Drillers proudly stems from a long line of water well drillers and Steve Juett, owner and managing director being the fourth generation. The company’s core still remains strong in the water well drilling and decommissioning throughout South Australia. The company has grown over the years and has diversified into the civil and mining sectors to what we believe to be one of South Australia’s most diversified drilling companies forging a position as a specialist in all sectors of water, geotechnical, civil and mining.

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Single Aquifer
Multiple Aquifer
Flowing Aquifer

Irrigation Bores

  • Agriculture
  • Farming
  • Stations
  • Stock & Domestic


  • Productions Bores
  • Monitoring Bores
  • Dewatering
  • Infrastructure

Town / Government

  • A.S.R (Aquifer, Storage, Recovery)
  • Salt Interception Bores
  • Country – Community – Town Supply
  • Bore Decommissioning
  • Bore Development – Bore Yield Tests
  • Licensed All States