Geotech & Environmental Drilling

Geotechnical drilling uses a wide range of equipment types in a variety of conditions. Precise and well-documented sampling is important.

In any geotechnical site investigation project our objective is to observe and record all relevant information about the soil, rock, or water table, provide samples, and carry out downhole tests as requested by the project engineer or geologist.

Some specific tasks and objectives we might carry out include:

  • Take ‘disturbed’ and ‘undisturbed’ samples of sand, clay, gravel, rock and fill materials.
  • Locate the water table and take water samples.
  • Take ‘undisturbed’ samples of fine-grained materials for laboratory tests.
  • Perform in-hole tests.
  • Locate hard strata.
  • Identify bedrock and prove it for a specific depth.
  • Provide core for detailed examination of rock quality.
  • Provide details and interpretation of drill behaviour.

If you have any questions about Geotechnical Drilling or Environmental Drilling, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and discuss your needs.


  • Groundwater Monitoring Bores
  • Hollow Flight Auger
  • CFA
  • Push Tube Sampling
  • SPT
  • Split Spoon
  • Diamond Coring NQ & PQ
  • Over Water Drilling